Wasteflex – Bad Odours in Shopping Centre

Wasteflex are a waste management company that experienced bad odours on one of their sites



Wasteflex are a waste management company. Located in Nunawading, VICTORIA, Australia and is part of the Waste Treatment and Disposal Industry. Wasteflex  has 183 total employees across all of its locations.

Wasteflex serves a wide range of industries, including shooping centres.


The waste holding area of one of the shopping centres started creating odour issues for our customers.

Bad odours in general public areas and shopping centres are a concern to the public and shop tenants.

The shopping management centre were having constant complaints due to malodour from tenants in the shopping centres.


We discovered Neu Solutions from previous experiences.

Neu Solutions recommended to install an Odagon unit in the waste holding area, which greatly reduced the effects of odour in the area.

Neu Solutions provides a monthly service that includes equipment maintenance and refilling the unit wit Ozona Odour Neutraliser 


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