Mingara Recreational Club – Case Study

Certain areas within social and recreational clubs can generate areas of malodour from various sources. These include washrooms, meeting areas, waste holding areas, sporting areas and gymnasiums, as well as other various amenities areas.


By their nature, gymnasiums can have issues with malodour through the physical activities carried out in the facility. Other areas can also have a build-up of residual and fugitive odours that can mar the pleasant atmosphere that is being engendered.

Washrooms are another source of malodour that may need treatment, and waste holding areas can also be a source of odour from wastebins and trade waste units.

In keeping with the high standards that Mingara Recreational Club uphold, they strive to maintain a pleasing environment within their facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of their customers.


Neu Solutions have various systems and products that can be used in the treatment of odour issues in these areas.

The gymnasium and dedicated smoking area were identified as potential areas that may need odour treatment.

After inspection of the specific environment, it was decided to utilise the HVAC system to distribute the odour neutralising agent throughout the gymnasium and dedicated smoking area to treat any potential malodour.

The System

The Odagon unit was perfect for this application as it can easily be installed in the mechanicals room and attached to the air conditioning ducting.

Neu Solutions provides a monthly service that includes equipment maintenance and refilling the unit with Ozona Odour Neutraliser.

Neu Solutions have provided several applications for the Mingara club over many years. This has included systems for odour issues in the waste area, washrooms and toilets, gaming areas and gymnasium as well as an additional Odagon unit to service the dedicated smoking area of the club.

The Owner

Neu Solutions have been providing products and odour management for our facility for over 13 years.

We have an ongoing service arrangement for odour control for our public gymnasium and dedicated smoking area which provides an additional level of comfort for our patrons in these areas.

In addition, they supply other products as required for isolated odour treatment in areas that may require extra attention.

We value the long-standing working relationship we have with Neu Solutions, which has provided solutions to some issues that can be difficult to resolve. We appreciate the hands-on approach they apply to each application.




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