Keeping clean in the Hospitality Industry

Cleaning and Odour Management in Hospitality

There’s nothing more important in hospitality than the relationship between host and guest.

To ensure your relationship with your guests is nothing short of first-class, your equipment and premises must be spotlessly clean, safe, comfortable and welcoming inside and out with your staff evidently practicing frequent hygiene for trustworthy service.

From the cleanliness of your dishes, tables, floors, restrooms and guest rooms to your food preparation practices and service, your reputation directly depends on the cleanliness, freshness and hygiene of your equipment & premises and staff.

Why do so many restaurant, bar and café owners rely on NeuSolutions?

NeuSolutions is the trusted odour management, cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene product and systems provider of many restaurants, cafes and bars along with resorts and hotels. Our product range and systems are proven performance leaders  in the hospitality industry.

Some of our products have been  developed by NeuSolutions – completely customised to work where other cleaning and odour management manufacturers have failed. We lead not only by product and system performance but also by training, support, and flexible, affordable pricing options.

Looking after your staff and reducing your overheads

Our solutions and systems are formulated to make cleaning and maintenance simple & systematic for your staff, enhancing workplace morale and safety and helping to reduce your overheads.

Ensure minimum wastage and optimum performance every time.

NeuSolution’s extensive range for the hospitality sector:

NeuSolution’s extensive and exclusively manufactured range of products, cleaning systems and dispensing equipment is  designed to meet any odour management, cleaning, sanitisation and hygiene application required to keep your hospitality business clean, safe, welcoming and fully compliant.


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