KFC Restaurant Kings Cross – Case Study

Food service outlets and restaurants can sometime emit cooking odour from their kitchen exhaust outlets into the public area. While this is not always offensive it can be annoying if it occurs on a regular basis.

This can be even more so if the exhaust outlet is located in close proximity to residential living areas.

The situation examined in this case study involves a fast-food outlet located at ground level in a heavily populated area in the city of Sydney.  The kitchen exhaust duct extends to the roof of residential apartments above the shop front, and exhausts into the air in very close proximity to open patio and living areas of penthouse on the top floor.

This causes nuisance to the residents and led to the council requesting that an odour control system be put in place to treat the emissions from the exhaust. The facility was threatened with closure if the odour issue could not be rectified.

The owner sought advice from engineers and consultants regarding a means to manage these odours, but due to physical space constraints and cost issues these were was feasible.



NeuSolutions were contacted to inspect the site as we had carried out similar applications previously and recommended the installation an Odagon odour management system.

After running initial trials on specific odour suppressants and delivery equipment, and consultation with building management and residents, the odour management system was put in place, together with a back-up redundancy unit as requested by council.

Once in place the site was monitored by an independent odour monitoring consultant who confirmed the suppression of the odour during various levels of cooking activity in the kitchen.


The System

The system involves the dosing of odour suppressants into the kitchen exhaust ducting at ground level which will react with the odour as it travels through the ducting to neutralise the odorous effects of the malodour. The level of suppressant can be automatically increased during periods of higher cooking activity.

NeuSolutions provides a monthly service that includes equipment maintenance and refilling the unit with Ozona Odour Neutraliser (website link).


The Owner

I cannot be more grateful to the team at NeuSolutions. We were in a situation where we faced possible closure of our operation, and after assessing other options for the resolution of our odour issue, it was suggested that we contact NeuSolutions.

They come to the store, understood the issues and after some initial testing of product and system setup, came up with a solution that rectified the problem. Not only that, whenever there was an issue during the setup and adjustment of the system, their response was immediate. We have been complaint free now for almost twelve months.


Thank you again to Bob and Steve and the team at NeuSolutions.

Mark Pan – Franchisee

KFC Restaurant Kings Cross




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