Keeping it fresh, even in the most challenging environments

Best products to eliminate odours

Use Ozona Aquaoil to
eliminate odours in the
most challenging conditions!

It’s a natural oil based, surface floating odour inhibitor.
You dispense Ozona Aquaoil over odour pollluted liquid &
solid waste such as grease traps, general waste & dumpster
bins to help prevent & neutralise the emission of malodour.

1. Pour 20-30 mL down the sink or drain. Do this 3 times a week.

2. Flush down the sink or drain.

3. Product will find its way to greasetrap.

4. May also be used as an over spray on dumpster & garbage waste.

5. May also be sprayed on bin liners to reduce odour from food waste in bins. Very effective for Nappy disposal bins too.

You can shop Ozona Aquaoil 5 L  and Ozona Aquaoil 500 mL  

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