A floor cleaner that effortlessly cleans floors!

Best Floor Cleaner in Australia

NeuClean Floor Cleaner is a floor cleaner like no other! Firstly because it is available in convenient sachets.

With convenient sachets, you can minimise waste (and therefore make it more economical) because you simply empty the contents of one sachet for each use. It also ensures consistency in product use meaning a perfect result each time!
Do you know what else makes NeuClean Floor Cleaner unique?
Unlike conventional cleaning chemicals, NeuClean Floor Cleaner does not rely on strong acids or alkalis. It acts by breaking up & releasing dirt & grime while keeping it in suspension so that it can be washed away.
It also provides an additional benefit of assisting in the prevention of waste water drain blockages.
NeuClean Floor Cleaner is non-residual & will not leave a film that is sometimes associated with other cleaning chemicals. Suitable for use on hard surface floors.
Commercial Use: Clean floors every time! 
NeuClean Floor Cleaner is particularly effective for cleaning floors in restaurants, hotels, cafes, aged care and hospital facilities. It can clean floor in main areas and bathroom floors, restrooms, toilet floors etc. 
Here are Neusolutions we are experts in how to get the best results from our cleaning products. We can assist you with any questions you have and our resource library has plenty of cleaning tips and instruction/demonstration sheets. See here our instruction sheet for using our floor cleaner. 

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